Aug 26 2013

2013 Joe Shuster Award Winners include Jeff Lemire and Mike Del Mundo

The Underwater Welder cover.The 2013 Joe Shuster Awards, Canada’s premier bilingual recognition for comic books, graphic novels and webcomics, has been announced. It’s no surprise that previous winner Jeff Lemire has scored another victory for his sublime The Underwater Welder. The award also recognises his last year on DC/Vertigo’s Sweet Tooth.

Similarly, well-deserved accolades go to artist Mike Del Mundo, who has taken out an award for best cover artist. Readers will know that we feature him almost every month in our Cover Story feature.

A full list of winners is below. Check out the details on the official site.

Artist / Dessinateur

  • Isabelle Arsenault – Jane, le renard & moi (La Pastèque) / Jane, The Fox and Me (Groundwood Books)

Cartoonist / Auteur

  • Jeff Lemire – Sweet Tooth #29-40 (DC Comics), The Underwater Welder (Top Shelf)

Cover Artist / Dessinateur Couvertures

  • Mike Del Mundo – A+X #2B, Amazing Spider-Man #678-679, 683B, Incredible Hulk #4B, Ka by Cirque de Soleil #1, Marvel Zombies Destroy! #1-5, Max Payne 3 #3, New Avengers #24B, Scarlet Spider #1B, 4B, Uncanny X-Men #17, Untold Tales of Punisher Max #5, Venom #16-17, 20, 22B, Wolverine #314-317, X-Men Legacy #1-2 (Marvel Comics)

Writer / Scénariste

  • Fanny Britt – Jane, le renard & moi (La Pastèque) / Jane, The Fox and Me (Groundwood Books)

Webcomics Creator / Créateur de Bandes Dessinées Web

  • Michael DeForge (Cartoonist /Auteur) – Ant Comic

The Dragon Award (Comics for Kids) /
 Le Prix Dragon (Bandes Dessinées pour Enfants)

  •  Cat’s Cradle Volume 1: The Golden Twine (Kids Can Press) – Jo Rioux (Cartoonist /Auteur)


Gene Day Award (Self-Publishers) / Prix Gene Day (Auto-éditeurs)

  • Cory McCallum, Matthew Daley – The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case


Harry Kremer Award (Retailers) / Prix Harry Kremer (Détaillants)

  • Heroes – London, ON

Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame / 
Temple de la renommée Créateur Canadien de Bandes Dessinées

Three creators were added in 2013:

  • Vernon Miller (1912-1974)
  • Murray Karn (1924-)
  • Arn Saba (Katherine Collins) (1947-)