Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 28 2014

Official: Zack Snyder to direct ‘Justice League’ after ‘Superman vs Batman’

As more characters are added to Zack Snyder‘s sequel to Man of Steel, there was some speculation that 2016’s Superman Vs. Batman would in fact be a Justice League film. Now Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman has confirmed (via the Wall Street Journal) has confirmed plans for Justice League following their next Superman film. “It will …

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Apr 26 2014

The History of Green Arrow Part 4 – Longbow Hunting Through the Wonder Years (1987 – 1993)

By the late 1980s, Green Arrow had conclusively shed his Golden Age persona in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and the groundwork had been laid for his own series. DC was getting darker, as evidenced by the previous year’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, and it was time …

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Apr 21 2014

Behind the Panels Issue 96 – The Amazing Spider-man 2

  Welcome to Issue 96 of Behind the Panels, the comic book show that has action as its reward. In this issue, the Eisner Award nominees are announced for the year, and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity finally arrives. THEN it’s Sinestro, Hulk, Genesis, Translucid and the end of Superior Spider-man in What We’ve Been Reading. PLUS …

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Apr 16 2014

Eisner Awards 2014 nominations announced

Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) has announced the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for 2014. The awards will be presented at a ceremony on 25 July 2014 during the Comic-Con International in San Diego. Hawkeye continues to be a darling with the critics, and justifiably so, with 5 nominations for Best Single Issue, Continuing Series, Best Writer (for …

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Apr 15 2014

Film Review: The Amazing Spider-man 2

The first sequel to the Spidey reboot tries to weave a wicked web, but rapidly gets tangled up in its own convolutions. Simple economics dictate that Sony will continue to make Spider-man films until the end of time, or at least until they start to become unprofitable. As such, it was only a mere 5 …

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Apr 11 2014

Rapid Panels: New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ photo, ‘Batman: Strange Days’ and ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: The Art of Level 7

Lots of odds and ends coming out today, and all of them insanely cool. First up, there’s this moment that all self-respecting Batman fans have been waiting years for: the first new Bruce Timm animated Batman ‘toon celebrating 75 years of Batmania around the world. Rather than the Superman montage that came out for the …

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Apr 08 2014

TV: Marvel’s ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ impacted by ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Stop right now if you’ve not seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for some of what you are about to read may be considered spoilers for both that film and the companion series, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel have released a video for the upcoming episode that will directly be influenced by the events of …

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Apr 07 2014

Behind the Panels Issue 95 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Welcome to Issue 95 of Behind the Panels, the comic book show that tried to recreate the super soldier serum, but ran out of ice cream. In this issue, it’s all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kevin Feige makes plans until 2028. Look forward to Avengers Assemble: Ow, There Goes My Hip Again. THEN …

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Apr 05 2014

New images of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ LEGO sets

If there’s one thing we look forward to with every Marvel release, apart from the film itself, it’s the LEGO sets that join in on the fun. We’ve already had a glimpse at The Milano Spaceship Rescue, and now thanks to, we can see the rest of the sets that are up for a …

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Apr 04 2014

Film: Kevin Feige says Marvel Cinematic Universe plans expand to 2028

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier now out in cinemas around the world (and it’s awesome), Marvel Studios president and god-who-walks-amongst us Kevin Feige has revealed that the plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe stretch well beyond the end of Phase 3. Indeed, they push deep into the next decade. In a recent interview with …

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Apr 01 2014

Behind the Panels Issue 94 – Noah

Welcome to Issue 94 of Behind the Panels, the comic book show that still doesn’t know what a cubit is. In this issue, every Spider-man gathers together for a major event, while Batman gets ready for a birthday party. THEN, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make their trailer debut, and Megan Fox wears a yellow …

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