Jun 19 2013

Alan Moore wants you to help him fund His Heavy Heart

Alan Moore

“Hello. Simple-minded, backwoodsman Alan Moore here.”

So begins legendary writer Alan Moore‘s appeal for £45,000 to complete his Jimmy’s End cycle of films directed by Mitch Jenkins. The final chapter, His Heavy Heart, is the “icing on the cake” of the saga.

According to the Kickstarter campaign page:

“The Jimmy’s End saga is made up of five shorts. Rather like a comic book series, each film in the cycle contributes to the overall story, as well as having a clear, standalone narrative and purpose”.

We’re sold. The other thing that is immediately noticeable is just how warm and friendly this man with a giant beard is, even with the sinister sound effects and creepy backdrop. We want to give this man money. We want to help him realise his dream. Doing so is mutually beneficial, with packages including digital downloads, scripts, signed stuff from Moore and Jenkins, a book with artwork by Kristian Hammerstad all the way up to on-screen credits, props from the film and private screenings.

Go on, help out this young man from Northampton. He’s given us decades of reading pleasure. Not let him warm your eyes with his heavy heart.