Jun 27 2013

Alan Moore’s His Heavy Heart adds DVD and deluxe hardcover package art

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - 'His Heavy Heart'

We’ve been going on about this for a week or so now, but it just keeps getting cooler. Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have a Kickstarter page  for His Heavy Heart, the final film in the Jimmy’s End cycle of shorts making a full DVD.

After a few videos of Moore delightfully camping it up for the cameras, the page has now presented the complete packaging that is available for people in the £30 pound and up set.

Go support the Northampton boys by visiting their Kickstarter page now!

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - 'His Heavy Heart' Slipcase

The book + DVD comes packaged in a hard outer case, with a photo print by co-creator and director Mitch Jenkins on the cover.

This deluxe packaging is exclusive as a reward for Kickstarter pledges and will not be available for sale anywhere else.

The outer has a thumbcut at the top and you can pull out the hardback book inside.

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - 'His Heavy Heart' Book Cover

The hardback book will be approximately 8″ by 5½” (250mm x 150mm) and will have approximately 80 pages.

The cover features a design by the illustrator Kristian Hammerstad who drew and coloured the storyboard for the short films.

This illustration is features the character Mr Metterton from Jimmy’s End. You can watch him here musing on the challenges of playing the role of Alan Moore.

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - 'His Heavy Heart' Book Inside DVD

Inside the front cover of the book, a pocket holds a DVD which features the 5 short films with an approximate running time of 90 minutes, plus documentary footage shot on set. If we end up with enough high quality additional material we will include a second disc, in a pocket inside the back cover.

Signed copies also feature a bookplate, numbered 1 – 350 and distributed in the order that the pledges were received andsigned by Alan, Mitch and Kristian.

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - 'His Heavy Heart' Book Inner Pages

Inside the book, the the screenplay and storyboard are matched up, page by page. You’ll be able to read through Alan Moore’s original screenplay for each of the 5 shorts and colour panels of Kristian’s original storyboard. We’ve put a preview of the storyboard for the Jimmy’s End short film together which you can watch below.