Jan 24 2014

‘Ant-Man’ release moved forward to old ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ date

Ant-Man (2015) Logo - Marvel Studios

Following the announcement that the increasingly populated Batman Vs. Superman has been pushed back a year to 2016, Marvel has quickly filled the void with Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Ant-Man. Previously slated for the very end of July next year, its new release date is 17 July 2015.

DC/Warner will still go head-to-head with Marvel/Disney when Batman Vs. Superman is released on 6 May 2016. It’s currently slated to go against an Untitled Marvel Studios Film on the same day. In addition to this, Fox will release X-Men: Apocalypse several weeks later on 22 May, making it one of the most hotly contested super summers on record.

Ant-Man will be co-written by Wright and Joe Cornish, starring Paul Rudd as Ant-Man/Scott Lang and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. Production is expected to start “later this year”.

For those of you keeping count, the forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe slate looks a little like this:


3 April 2014 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

1 August 2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy

1 May 2015 – Avengers: Age of Ultron 2


17 July 2015 – Ant-Man

6 May 2016 – Untitled Marvel Phase 3 Film

8 July 2016 – Untitled Marvel Phase 3 Film

5 May 2017 – Untitled Marvel Phase 3 Film