Jun 28 2013

Batman Annual #2 introduces The Anchoress

 BATMAN ANNUAL #2 - Anchoress - Aaron Lipresti

The DC Blog has revealed a first look at the Anchoress, set to be introduced in the second Batman Annual released next month. First announced back in April, the Zero Year tie-in issue will be written by Scott Snyder with Aaron Lopresti on art duties. There will also be a magnificent cover by Jock, so this won’t be one to miss.

DC’s Bob Harras provides some more details on the new character:

Arkham Asylum has always contained many mysteries and secrets. But in BATMAN ANNUAL #2, out next month, you’ll meet someone you’ve never met before: Arkham’s very first inmate!

The Anchoress is a young woman whose years in Arkham have noticeably withered her away as she continues to add thousands upon thousands of tick marks upon the stones of her cell. There’s a delicate sense of fragility surrounding this character, making her seem as vulnerable as she is frightening. But what did she do to deem her Arkham’s very first prisoner?

Historians might get further hints as to the nature of her character, as they will know that an anchorite or anchoress is one who has withdrawn from secular society to live an intensely pious life. Kind of like a religious hermit. The picture below is certainly of someone who doesn’t get out much.

 BATMAN ANNUAL #2 - Anchoress - Aaron Lopresti