Aug 18 2014

Behind The Panels Issue 105 – Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

Behind the Panels Issue 105 - Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

Behind the Panels Issue 105 - Thanos: The Infinity RevelationWelcome to Behind the Panels Issue 105, the comic book show that is a few Infinity Gems shy of a full glove.

In this issue, DC adds a new Batman family title to its line-up. That makes an even dozen books that you probably aren’t reading. THEN a near-mint copy of Action Comics #1 turns up on eBay. That’s almost as exciting as the shirtless tiger photo of Superman that just turned up on Tinder. ALSO it’s Hexed, Dark Ages, Batman and more in what we’ve been reading, and a very special announcement about this show.

PLUS our Kick-Ass Pick of the WeekThanos: The Infinity Revelation, an original graphic novel by Jim Starlin. This is Behind the Panels.

Your Hosts: Richard Gray and David McVay

Vintage Clip

Robin Williams as Popeye – “I Yam What I Yam”

Special Announcement 

Behind the Panels will appear LIVE at Oz Comic-Con Sydney! You can find us on 13 and 14 of September at the Exhibition Centre on Glebe Island. With some special guests yet to be confirmed, we’ll do everything we’re doing here, except live (and in colour) for the first time. We hope to see as many of you there as possible! Find out more information at Oz Comic-Con’s events page. Tickets available at: www.ozcomiccon.com

What We’ve Been Reading/Watching

This Week (13 August 2014): Hexed #1 (Boom – Emma Rios art), Dark Ages #1 (Dan Abnett, I. N. J. Culbard – The New Deadwardians), Batgirl #34, Batman #34, Harley Quinn #9, Godzilla Cataclysm #1 (IDW – Cullen Bunn, Dave Wachter), Genius #2, Sex Criminals #7, Starlight #5, Nova Special #1, Original Sin #7 (of 8), United States Of Murder Inc #4, Spider-Man 2099 #2

Next Week’s Highlights (20 August 2014): Multiversity #1, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1, The Strain The Night Eternal #1, Justice Inc #1 (Dynamite), Little Nemo Return To Slumberland #1, Fade Out #1 (Brubaker/Philips), Genius #3 (of 5), Trees #4, Supreme Blue Rose #2, The Wicked + The Divine #3, Daredevil #7, Ms. Marvel #7, Storm #2, Wolverine Annual #1

News Headlines

  • DC Comics will release another Batman title in November, with Gotham By Midnight taking a look at Gotham’s supernatural side with Ray Fawkes writing and Ben Templesmith on art duties
  • Following a strong opening weekend, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel has been announced for 3 June 2016.
  • Video game developers OVERKILL will team with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment to develop a co-operative first person shooter based on The Walking Dead.
  • The 10th Annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian Comic Book Creators will induct three new members into its Hall of Fame: Golden Age creators, Cy Bell and Edmond Good, along with veteran cartoonist Ty Templeton 
  • Michael J Shaw has been cast as Papa Midnight on TV’s Constantine
  • The cast of Sony’s Powers has expanded with Eddie Izzard as Wolfe, Australia’s Noah Taylor as criminal mastermind Johnny Royale and Olesya Rulin (O-lesh-ah Roo-lin) as super-powered teen Calista
  • Oz Comic-Con Melbourne will move back to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2015
  • Speaking about Oz Comic-Con, Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s’ Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield will be coming to Australia for the Brisbane and Sydney ‘Cons next month
  • Finally, a CGC 9.0 rated copy of Action Comics #1 has rocketed to $1.6 million in the first 24 hours of bidding on auction site eBay. The auction will continue through to 24th August, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, and organisation dedicated to curing spinal cord injury.

Kick-Ass Pick of the WeekThanos: The Infinity Revelation by Jim Starlin

Next Week (106): The Wake by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy

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