Jan 20 2015

Behind the Panels Issue 125 – Teen Titans: Earth One

Behind the Panels Issue 125 – Teen Titans: Earth One

Behind the Panels Issue 125 – Teen Titans: Earth OneWelcome to Behind The Panels Issue 125, the comic book show that comes with a power ring in specially marked packs.

This week, Time Warner has announced a superhero themed casino opening in a Chinese resort. Because if there’s one thing Batman loves, it’s gambling addiction. ALSO it’s reportedly trouble aboard the Fantastic Four set. Insiders are already calling the Josh Trank reboot “a movie”. THEN it’s Star Wars, Peggy Carter and more in What We’ve Been Reading and Watching, the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer gets a patented Trailer Commentary.

PLUS our Kick-Ass Pick of the Week: TEEN TITANS: EARTH ONE by Jeff Lemire, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson. This is Behind The Panels.

Your Hosts: Richard Gray, David McVay, and Dave Longo.

The Show

Vintage Clip

It’s the Teen Titans of the 1960s, Speedy-o!

What We’ve Been Reading

This Week (14 January 2015): Mortal Kombat X #1 (DC), Fables: The Wolf Among Us #1, Jupiter’s Legacy #5 (9 months after #4!), Daredevil #12, Star Wars #1

Next Week (21 January 2015): Burning Fields #1 (BOOM!), Groo: Friends and Foes #1, Twilight Zone Shadow And Substance #1, March: Book Two, Millennium #1, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1, Zombies Vs Robots #1 (Ashley Wood and Chris Ryall), Reyn #1 (Image), Powers #1 (New series)

What We’ve Been Watching

This Week: Agent Carter (Episode 3), Constantine

Next Week: Series returns of Arrow, The Flash and new Gotham, Constantine

News Headlines

  • Marvel has announced that Jonathan Hickman’s long-running Avengers arcs will conclude this April with the final issues of both Avengers and New Avengers. Marvel has teased an “All-New, All-Different Avengers” for May
  • The CW has announced a new animated series called Vixen, set in the same television universe as Arrow and The Flash
  • With an average of 10.6 million viewers, Gotham has also secured a second season from Fox
  • DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation have announced the voice cast for the upcoming Batman V Robin. Jason O’Mara, Sean Maher, and David McCallum will reprise their roles as Batman, Robin and Alfred, while The Dollmaker will be played by “Weird” Al Yankovic.
  • The CW has also renewed Arrow for a fourth season, while The Flash will be returning for a second year during the 2015 fall season
  • Tom Hardy has reported dropped out of the Suicide Squad film due to scheduling conflicts. Warner is said to be eyeing Jake Gyllenhaal to play Rick Flagg as a replacement
  • The 2015 Oscars have nominated Birdman for 9 Academy Awards this year, with 2 going to Guardians of the Galaxy for Visual Effects and Makeup. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past also received Visual Effects nods, while Big Hero 6 is also up for Best Animated Film.
  • The Razzie Awards nominations were also announced this week, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles given five nods.
  • Still on awards, Guardians of the Galaxy won the Critics Choice Award for Best Action Film

Trailer Commentary

Finally, Marvel released a second trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. What’s that I hear? Yes – it’s time for our Patented Trailer Commentaries®™ (Patent Pending).

Talking Point

Did Josh Trank destroy the set of Fantastic Four? (and other crazy Internet rumours)

Kick-Ass Pick of the Week

TEEN TITANS: EARTH ONE by Jeff Lemire, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

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Next Week (126)Awkwood by Jase Harper (Milk Shadow Books)

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Music used in this episode includes “Teen Titans Goes With the Flow” (Brutal Redneck Mix), “Star Wars Theme” by John Williams, and the Young Justice Theme and the Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo Theme, both from Kristopher Carter/Michael McCuistion/Lolita Ritm