Mar 24 2015

Behind The Panels Issue 134 – Dazzler: The Movie

Behind The Panels Issue 134 – Dazzler: The Movie

Behind The Panels Issue 134 – Dazzler: The MovieWelcome to BEHIND THE PANELS Issue 134, the comic book show where the goggles do nothing.

In this issue, Marvel plans to release a prequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We imagine it’s the Force hitting the snooze button for 20 minutes. ALSO the Preacher TV series finds its Arseface. When asked for comment he said, huh uchduh fhuh uhfuhh! THEN it’s Chrononauts, Strange Sports Stories, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., iZombie, Arrow, The Flash and more in What We’ve Been Reading and Watching.

PLUS Our Kick-Ass Pick of the Week™: DAZZLER: THE MOVIE by Jim Shooter, Frank Spinger, Vince Colletta and Christie Scheele. (Warning: Not an actual movie). This is BEHIND THE PANELS.

Your Hosts: Richard Gray, David McVay and Dave Longo

The Show

Vintage Clip

Dazzler’s new record will be gone in a flash!

What We’ve Been Reading/Watching

Catch-Up: Howard the Duck #1

This Week (18 March 2015): Giant Days #1, Eight #2, Chrononauts #1 (Millar/Murphy), The Fly: Outbreak IDW #1, Strange Sports Stories #1 (Brian Azzarello, CM Punk, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, Darick Robertson), Superman #39, Shaper #1 (Dark Horse), Red One #1 (Terry Dodson art), Silk #2, Amazing Spider-Man #16.1, Batgirl: Endgame #1

TV: Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead, iZombie

Next Week’s Highlights (25 March 2015): We Can Never Go Home #1, Pastaways #1, Multiversity Ultra Comics #1, Jem and the Holograms #1, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1, Miami Vice Remix #1

News Headlines

  • The aforementioned CHRONONAUTS will soon be a movie, with Universal reportedly acquiring the big screen rights
  • Stuart Immonen will be the new artist for the ongoing STAR WARS series from issue #8 later this year, following the exit of John Cassaday.
  • Still on Star Wars, Marvel will explore the journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in September with a new series called SHATTERED EMPIRE, linking Return of the Jedi with the upcoming J.J. Abrams film
  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS and the return of the Age of Apocalypse will form part of the upcoming Secret Wars: Battleworld
  • Other new Battleworld series in June include Sam Humphries’ Star-Lord and Kitty Pride, Jason Aaron’s Thors, Noelle Stevenson’s Runaways, Felipe Smith’s Ghost Racers and 1602: Witch Hunter Angela
  • Kevin Smith has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to MALLRATS. The original was filled with comic book references, including a supporting role from Stan Lee himself. Sailboat!
  • THE CROW comic creator James O’Barr has officially announced that Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston will star as the lead in the new film version of his cult classic hero
  • TJ Miller will play Weasel in Fox’s DEADPOOL, while Morena Baccarin has been confirmed to play Copycat
  • TV’s PREACHER has cast Agents of SHIELD’s Ruth Negga as Tulip, and Ian Colletti as Arseface for the upcoming AMC series

Talking Point

TalkingPoint - Behind the Panels 134


Kick-Ass Pick of the Week

DAZZLER: THE MOVIE (Marvel) by Jim Shooter, Frank Spinger, Vince Colletta and Christie Scheele.

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Next Week (135)The Flash: Rebirth

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