Feb 24 2014

Behind the Panels Issue 89 – Daredevil by Mark Waid


Behind-the-Panels-iss89-CoverWelcome to Issue 89 of Behind the Panels, the comic book show that’s hooked on a feeling and high on believing.

In this issue, we dissect the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. You’re welcome. THEN DC, Marvel and Image unveil their May line-ups, Fox’s Fantastic Four is cast and what we’ve been reading from this week’s releases. PLUS our Kick-Ass Pick of the Week: Daredevil by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin, Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera and Javier Rodriguez. This is Behind the Panels.

Next Week: Annihilation Conquest: Starlord

Vintage Clip of the Week

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)

What We’ve Been Reading

This Week (19 February 2014): Harley Quinn #3, Justice League #28, New Warriors #1, Daredevil #36, Avengers World #3, Iron Man Annual #1, Undertow #1 (Image), A Voice in the Dark #4

Next week (26 February 2014): Tomb Raider #1 (Dark Horse), Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2, Wake #6, Superman Lois Lane #1 (One Shot), X-Files Conspiracy Transformers #1, Revenge #1 (Image Comics/Jonathon Ross), Fantastic Four #1, Hawkeye #15, Guardians of the Galaxy #12

News Headlines

  • Marvel has announced its new books for May. In addition to the return of Peter Parker in the 616, Marvel will also relaunch Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • DC has solicited the weekly New 52: Future’s End for May. It will be set five years from now, following a war with another Earth and feature a time-travelling Batman Beyond.
  • Marvel will also run a new event from May called Original Sin, which sees the Marvel Universe investigating the death of The Watcher.
  • Image Comics will launch a new Mark Millar mini-series called MPH in May. Other new series include Joshua Williamson’s Nailbiter, Marc Silvestri’s Rise of Magi and Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel’s C.O.W.L.
  • ReedPOP, the people behind New York Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration, plan a purely comics-focused 2-day event in New York for June called “Special Edition:NYC”
  • Fox’s Fantastic Four has been cast: Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate “The Lesser” Mara and Miles Teller are the the unlikely grouping.
  • Marvel has also confirmed that some of Avengers: Age of Ultron will be shot in South Korea.
  • Marvel is allegedly considering a list of Dr. Strange directors that includes Mark Andrews, Jonathan Levine, Nikolaj Arcel and Dean Israelite.
  • Welsh actor Matt Ryan, best known for Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, has been cast as the lead in NBC’s Constantine.
  • Finally, Marvel unleashed the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer onto an unsuspecting public this week. It’s time for a trailer commentary!

Kick Ass Pick of the Week

This week we read Daredevil #1 to #36 by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera and Javier Rodriguez.

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