Jul 19 2013

Caity Lotz is Black Canary in CW’s ‘Arrow’ in Season 2

Caity Lotz on a bike (Black Canary)

The Wrap reports that Black Canary will be joining Arrow in the second season of the popular CW television show. However, it won’t be Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) according to the source. Instead, producers have cast The Pact’s Caity Lotz as Dinah Drake, opting for a Golden Age variation on the character.

In comics lore, Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of the DC universe’s power couples, and many had assumed that Laurel Lance would replicate that coupling with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell ) on television. It seems the demands of serial television are going to keep us Moonlighting it for some time to come.

This version will hark back to the Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino Gold Age creation of the Black Canary. Lotz is known for her recurring role on Mad Men. Her protrayal in Arrow is said to be based on the original Robert Kanigher and the late Carmine Infantino creation of Black Canary all the way back in August 1947 in the pages of Flash Comics #86.

This comes shortly after the casting announcement of Summer Glau, set to play a major villain in the second season, and is consistent with earlier comments that the next season would expand the roster of DC characters.

Production has recently commenced on the season, and Arrow returns to The CW on 9 October 2013.

Caity Lotz underwear Green Arrow and Black Canary - Cliff Chiang