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Comic Kingdom, Sydney’s oldest comic book store, is closing down

Comic Kingdom

UPDATE: We are now hearing that the business will remain open in 2015, with the closing date pegged at 30 June 2016 unless something changes. Thanks to Simon Smith for checking this out for us.. UPDATE 2 (6 Nov 2015): This story has gone viral, and The Brag and The Daily Telegraph are now running pieces …

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Behind The Panels ends Volume 1 of the show with Issue 150

This Is The End

After almost four years and 150 episodes, our comic book show BEHIND THE PANELS will bring the first volume of the podcast to a close with Issue #150, “Before, During and After Watchmen”, recorded live at Good Games Hurstville on  Saturday 1 August 2015. It has been a hell of a run so far, but all …

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Back Panels: Moon Knight – From the Dead & Dead Will Rise

Moon Knight: From the Dead

In what we hope to be an ongoing column, we look at runs you might have missed but really should take a look at. Guest columnist Jaime Lawrence, Owner of Good Games Hurstville, catches up on one of the best comics of the last year. This is Back Panels. Moon Knight is definitely not Superman. He’s not …

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Post-Convergence: What ‘Convergence #8’ means for the future of DC Comics

Convergence #8 - The Multiverse

During our discussion of Marvel’s Secret Wars events in a recent episode of the show, David Longo remarked that the one thing both DC and Marvel need is a little bit more status quo. Not for nothing: even with the New 52 and the All-New Marvel NOW! respectively, both houses have had their recent share …

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The (r)evolution of Harley Quinn: from jester to sex symbol

The (r)evolution of Harley Quinn: from jester to sex symbol

Following the release this week of a photo of Harley Quinn and some other guys from the forthcoming Suicide Squad film, two things were incredibly evident. Firstly, in just over two decades, Harley Quinn has gone from a fan favourite character to one of the more recognisable figures in the DC Universe. More importantly, that popularity …

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The evolution of The Joker on screen: why appearances are important

The evolution of the Joker on screen

If your social media feeds were anything like ours over the weekend, then they were filled with the first official picture of Jared Leto as The Joker from Warner’s Suicide Squad, due out in cinemas next year. It’s significant not just for being the first DC film of the last few years to feature villains as …

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ECCC 2015: A first timer’s report from Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comic-Con 2015

If you are a comics fan anywhere in the world, the pull of the major US con circuit becomes something of a mystical entity. Particularly if you live in Australia, where there are effectively two major cons in Supanova and Oz Comic-Con, and a smattering of other regional cons and fairs. As wonderful as they are, …

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Where to Start Reading: Comic companions to Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ for Netflix

Where to Start Reading; Daredevil

Marvel’s DAREDEVIL for Netflix is set to bring the Man Without Fear back to life, the first live action depiction of the character since 2003’s film with Ben Affleck. The 13 episode series stars Charlie Cox in the titular role of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil), and launches the TV universe that will include AKA Jessica Jones, Luke …

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Crisis Explained Part 1: Enter the Multiverse (1940 – 1984)

Flash of Two Worlds (Flash #123) - 1959

You can almost set your clock to DC Comics reworking their universe. Since the mid-1980s and Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC has reset or tweaked the clock a number of times, filling in gaps or smoothing out inconsistencies in their narratives. So what is a crisis, and why are they so important? Today, a “Crisis” in …

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Local Focus: Melbourne Comics Quarterly #1

Melbourne Comics Quarterly #1 - Killeroo

The cream of the Melbourne comics crop is on display in a new anthology launching just in time for Australia Day. The Melbourne comics scene is soaring at the moment, so much so that it was the subject of last year’s fine documentary Graphic Novels! Melbourne from filmmakers Daniel Hayward and Bernard Caleo. As the …

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Australian comics, graphic novels and events that excite us in 2015: Part 2

Australian Comics 2015

While penning the first part of a look at the year ahead in Australian comics, it became immediately obvious that there were just too many things to fit into a single post. Even more impressive was the response we had to the piece, with the creators not only sharing the article, but bringing a stack …

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