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Jul 23 2015

Behind The Panels ends Volume 1 of the show with Issue 150

After almost four years and 150 episodes, our comic book show BEHIND THE PANELS will bring the first volume of the podcast to a close with Issue #150, “Before, During and After Watchmen”, recorded live at Good Games Hurstville on  Saturday 1 August 2015. It has been a hell of a run so far, but all …

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Mar 18 2015

Oz Comic-Con 2015: ‘The Walking Dead’s Chad Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green at Perth/Adelaide in April

There’s no debating that The Walking Dead is one of the biggest comic book adaptations in the world, and one of the most successful TV series ever. This year  OZ COMIC-CON is bringing two of its stars to Perth and Adelaide in April: CHAD COLEMAN and SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN. Known for playing siblings Tyrese and Sasha Williams on the …

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Feb 14 2015

Funko unveils ‘Arrow’ Pop! Vinyl Figures for May 2015

Funko has announced (via the CW Arrow Facebook page) that official ARROW Pop! Vinyl Figures will be released in May 2015. The current line-up includes the Arrow, Deathstroke, Black Canary and an unmasked Oliver Queen. This is exciting news for fans of the CW series, and Green Arrow fans generally. Of the 1000s of vinyl …

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Feb 06 2015

WIN: Celebrate our LIVE Good Games Hurstville shows (CLOSED)

To celebrate our upcoming LIVE shows, and thanks to GOOD GAMES HURSTVILLE, we’re pleased to give away this terrific prize pack of past and upcoming Kick-Ass Picks of the Week. We’ve got a terrific collection of graphic novels to give to 3 of our lucky followers, and all you have to do is follow the simple …

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Nov 27 2014

The History of Green Arrow Part 7 – Losing the Beard: The New 52, ‘Arrow’ and the Contemporary Age (2011 – )

Following the Flashpoint event, DC Comics did something that very few thought was possible in modern comics: they scrapped everything. Beginning with 52 number #1 issues in September 2011, The New 52 was the first line-wide reinvention of DC’s core characters in over seven decades. More than simply renumbering, it took characters from all of …

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Sep 17 2013

WIN: ‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’ Blu-ray from Madman (CLOSED)

To celebrate the release of the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia on 18 September 2013, Madman Entertainment and Behind the Panels are giving away 3 Blu-ray copies to our lucky readers. Robot Chicken and DC Comics collide! Who will survive with their super-dignities intact? Nobody! In Robot Chicken’s hands, …

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Sep 04 2013

Graphic Bits Reviews: Forever Evil #1, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Justice League, Justice League Dark #23.1 and JLA #7.1

Don’t have time for full reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This week (4 September 2013), Forever Evil #1 kicks off the Villains Month for DC Comics, with #23.1 issues for Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Justice League and …

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Aug 21 2013

WIN: Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Deluxe Boxset from Madman (CLOSED)

Madman together with Behind the Panels is giving you a chance to win a deluxe edition of the manga that inspired one of the first Studio Ghibli films! The two-volume, 1104 page set is beautifully reproduced from Hayao Miyazaki’s original manga that was serialized intermittently from 1982 to 1994 in Japan. The English-language edition is a perfect …

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Aug 01 2013

The History of Green Arrow Part 1 – From the Golden Age to the Golden Beard (1941 to 1969)

Green Arrow has made a big splash in the last few years, even getting his own television series with Arrow hitting the small screen in 2013. He’s graced animated series, major comic book crossovers and survived every incarnation of the DC Universe. Yet he wasn’t always a star player, often taking a supporting role to …

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Jul 30 2013

WIN: Australian graphic novel collection from Milk Shadow Books and Madman (CLOSED)

To celebrate Madman partnering with Milk Shadow Books, the independent Australian comics and graphic novel publisher, Behind the Panels has a set of four books to give away to our fans. Thanks to both Milk Shadow Books and Madman, we have copies of the brand new 2-volume collection of YOU STINK AND I DON’T, Australia’s long-running underground …

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Jul 28 2013

Splash Page: Hellboy meets Black Beetle by Francesco Francavilla for 20th anniversary

Welcome to our new feature – Splash Page. Each week we’ll take a piece of art we like, and tell you a little bit about the artist who created it. There’s lots of stuff coming up for Hellboy’s 20th anniversary this year, including Hellboy: The Midnight Circus from creator Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo and Dave …

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