Apr 24 2015

Comic Book Movie Release Date Infographic Timeline: From now to the future

Behind The Panels Comic Book Movie Release Schedule Infographic

With over 30 comic book movies coming out over the next few years, it’s a little tough to keep in your head just when, where and what is coming out. Lists are boring, and as comic book fans and readers, we like things laid out for us in words and pictures.

There are a few other movies that have been announced, but not been given firm release dates as yet, so these have not been included. Keep in mind that this is us having a bit of fun with release dates, and they are continuously being announced. No doubt we’ll have to change the whole thing by the end of each week. Keeps us off the streets and out of trouble. (And for the record, we were very inspired by the amazing work of ComicsAlliance).

We’ll try and keep this update at much as possible. For now this is a state of play as at the end of April 2015. Enjoy!

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Behind The Panels Comic Book Movie Release Schedule Infographic

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