Nov 13 2013

Comics: ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot from James Robinson and Leonard Kirk in February 2014

Fantastic Four #1 (Leonard Kirk All-New Marvel NOW! cover)

Exactly a year after rebooting Fantastic Four with Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley, Marvel has announced that they will release a rebooted reboot under the All-New Marvel NOW! banner. James Robinson, who recently departed Earth 2 for DC, will write the series, with art from Leonard Kirk.

The series promises a return to New York and Earth-bound stories after Fraction’s trips through time and space. 2014 is also the 75th anniversary of the publisher, so expect a super-dooper Alex Ross cover (pictured below) on this one.

The press bit:

The Fantastic Four’s lives are full of deadly twists and turns. They’ve explored other dimensions, fought terrifying monsters, and stood together against some of the Marvel Universe’s deadliest villains! But they’ve always done so together. So what happens when the Fantastic Four go their separate ways?

The brilliant Mr. Fanstastic, the compassionate Invisible Woman, the hot headed Human Torch, and the ever lovin’ Thing are about to embark on a new mission full of danger and excitement – and one that will see the Fantastic Four meet their untimely end!

“New readers and long-time FANTASTIC FOUR fans are in for an emotional and action-packed roller coaster ride that will tear the team apart at the seams,” says Senior Editor Mark Paniccia. “Broken hearts, betrayal, conspiracies and even murder will test this family of super heroes beyond anything they’ve ever experienced.”

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 also features a special 75th Anniversary Cover by legendary artist Alex Ross! This stunning cover celebrates 75 years of Marvel with a gorgeous rendering of the Fantastic Four in Ross’ rich, highly detailed style. Don’t miss your chance to own this piece of Marvel history!

All-New Marvel NOW! brings you the biggest creators and the biggest characters in the biggest stories! Don’t miss the beginning of the end for Marvel’s First Family when FANTASTIC FOUR #1 hits print and digital this February!

Fantastic Four #1 (Leonard Kirk All-New Marvel NOW! cover) Fantastic Four #1 (Alex Ross 75th anniversry cover)