Dec 04 2013

Comics: Madman releases short documentary on the artists of Milk Shadow Books

Milk Shadow Books - Madman Documentary

Following their distribution deal with Milk Shadow Books earlier this year, Madman has released a mini-documentary about Tim Molloy, Ben Hutchings and Dillon Naylor, three of the creators that have recently had their works published or re-released through Milk Shadow.

Recently, the ABC in Australia aired a two-part documentary on Gestalt Comics, the rising star of the Australian comics world that is aiming to take over the world. It would be lovely to see something more in-depth aboout Milk Shadow as well, including publisher James Andre, who appears in this short.

Here’s the official word on the documentary:

Go beyond the page with Australian comic and graphic novel creators.

Tim Molloy, Ben Hutchings and Dillon Naylor are artists living and working in Melbourne, Australia. All three have rich and unique work published by Milk Shadow Books, an independent who’s aim is to offer up the ‘weirdest trips, strangest journeys, and assorted stories that make you laugh, think and gag’.

Madman Entertainment presents this inspiring insight into their daily lives, where they talk about creativity, inspiration and the struggle of a work / art / life balance.