Nov 06 2013

Dan DiDio teases New 52 ‘Five Years Later’, more weekly comics

Five Years Later - DC New 52

What’s DC up to now? Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Entertainment, was briefly interviewed on DC All Access this week, revealing the first evidence of the “Five Years Later” event planned for September 2014. While speaking with host Tiffany Smith, DiDio gave viewers a glimpse of his wall, which displayed concept mock-ups for the event.

Beginning by speaking about the weekly series Batman: Eternal, he added “We have other weeklies planned…the hint’s on the wall”. He gestured to the planning wall, indicating that the “Fives Years Later” content was one of the other weekly titles planned for the near future.

Dan DiDio's wall: still less mess than our desks

Dan DiDio’s wall: still less mess than our desks

The event is said to see every DC book in The New 52 jump forward five years in September, the annual time for reboots, zero issues, villain’s months and other gimmicks. A weekly series written by the likes of Dan Jurgens, Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen and Jeff Lemire is something that the good folks at Bleeding Cool have been reporting on for a while.

The event, like many of the recent developments in the New 52 line-up, strongly mirrors a previous crossover event from DC. The 2006 “Infinite Crisis” was followed by a “One Year Later” event, in which all books jumped a year, and was accompanied by a weekly series called 52.

It’s not the only time DC has dipped into its recent history of late, with several of the current “Forever Evil” tie-ins (including Forever Evil: Rogues’ Rebellion) having similar titles and plots to the “Final Crisis” equivalent (in that case, Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge). Is it too early to speculate that a “crisis by any other name” is on the horizon for the line-up?

He also confirmed that Frank Miller’s piece in Detective Comics #27, a special anthology issue due out in January, will be a double-page spread.

Check out the full video below:

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