Jun 21 2013

DC Comics provides new look at Parasite in New 52

Parasite by Aaron Kuder

Parasite isn’t new to the Newish 50-or-so, but he’s about to get his own spotlight. Then presumably absorbs that spotlight and destroys us all. Along with the press release below, we get some new art from Aaron Kuder showcasing the character.

Action Comics readers are familiar with the Hybrid Monster that terrorized the Man of Steel in recent issues. But what happens when someone other than Superman comes into contact with this creature? Hint: it ain’t pretty.

In Parasite’s one-shot, you’ll be introduced to a new character – a down-on-his-luck delivery man who gets through life by just living off of other people (crashing in other people’s homes, using his girlfriend for work, etc.). But after a freak accident, Parasite is born – and his first interaction with Superman will leave your jaw on the floor. Trust me.

So what do you think of the new designs? It strikes us as a little bit like Frank Quitely’s designs in All-Star Superman, and that is certainly meant as a compliment. We look forward to seeing more of this character soon in the New 52.

Parasite by Aaron Kuder

Parasite by Aaron Kuder Parasite by Aaron Kuder