Sep 27 2013

DC Comics to bring ‘Constantine’ series to NBC

Constantine (New 52) Following the announcement earlier this week that Gotham, a series based on the Batman universe, would be coming to Fox, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that NBC has a pilot for Constantine in the works. David S. Goyer and The Mentalist executive producer Daniel Cerone will write the script for the first episode that will appear on the network.

The character of John Constantine was created in the pages of The Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben in 1985, and went on to be a feature in the long-running Vertigo title Hellblazer before being rebooted into DC Comics’ New 52 title Constantine. The working class British magician and private dick is a bit of an anti-hero who straddles the fine line between life and death, often using the supernatural to further his own agenda.

The character was previously depicted by Keanu Reeves in the 2005 film Constantine, and the source also reminds us that Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has also received an order for a put-pilot from Fox earlier this year.

Goyer is no stranger to DC Comics, having recently penned Man of Steel, The Dark Knight trilogy for Christopher Nolan and the upcoming Batman vs. Superman.