Jun 18 2013

DC teases “Lights Out” for Green Lantern in October 2013

Lights Out - Green Lantern

With the release of a single image, DC Comics has teased a new event for October this year for the Green Lantern universe. Called “Lights Out” we no little more than the image embedded below.

Following the departure of Geoff Johns after Green Lantern #20, ending an almost decade-long run on the character, writer Robert Venditti took over both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. It makes sense that he would be keen to leave his mark as early as possible on the book. From the teaser image, we can only assume it has something to do with the battery on Oa going dry, something already hinted at in Green Lantern #21.

Green Lantern has always seen a strong tradition of events quite separate from the rest of the DCU, and with Trinity War taking up the next few months, followed immediately by Forever Evil, we expect that this will remain in its wee small corner.

Lights Out - Green Lantern