Jun 12 2013

Exclusive: Nicola Scott on direction of Earth 2 after James Robinson

Earth 2 - Nicola Scott

Following the announcement last month that writer James Robinson would be exiting Earth 2 with issue #16, we spoke with artist Nicola Scott today who confirmed that she would be remaining with the DC Comics title.

You can find the full audio interview in a few days time on the site and iTunes feed, but her comments on the direction of the series following Robinson’s departure were intriguing. Describing the experience of working on Earth 2 as “liberating visual storytelling”, Scott gave us an idea of where she was up to in terms of workload.

“I’m just finishing off his second last, I’m about to start on his last issue. After that, I’ll go straight onto the new writer’s stuff. While I haven’t read any of the scripts, I’ve talked with the writer…not about the direction they want to go, but the direction DC has plotted for the book, and the new writer’s ideas within that”.

Without naming the new writer, who is set to debut with November’s #17, Scott went on to talk about the general direction of the book on the

It’s interesting. It’s going to be a slight detour from where the book has been going, but only slight. One of the great things about Earth 2 is that we’ve been building very slowly, just lacing in little details, about the state Earth 2 is in. That it’s not actually…a parallel to Earth of the primary DC Universe. It’s considerably more corrupted, and we’ve been sort of slowly but surely getting to a point where we’re revealing exactly what this Earth is, and it’s right at that point that James is leaving, which is a shame because this is what we’ve been building towards. But the nice thing is that the new writer gets to take that revelation and twist it in an interesting way.

Look for the rest of the interview, covering Superman and Nicola’s start in comics, on the podcast soon.

We need to thank Nicola Scott for her generous time, and the good people at Oz Comic-Con for arranging the interview. Nicola will be appearing next at Supanova on June 21-23 in Sydney, and Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne on the 6-7 July.