May 21 2013

Full trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins arrives, Kevin Conroy teases Arkham sequel

Batman: Arkham Origins

We got a look at the first teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins the other day, and now WB Games Montreal has released a full trailer for the game. Actually, it seems like the full opening to the game, complete with a few cameos from Deathstroke, Deadshot and Black Mask.

Although the game serves as a prequel to the other Arkham gameswith eight of the world’s greatest assassins coming to Gotham City on Christmas Eve to kill Batman, it does involve the work of previous producers Rocksteady Games. Further, it won’t feature a script by the legendary Paul Dini nor the voice talent of Kevin Conroy. It still looks pretty cool though.

In other news, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy leaked on Twitter that he would be in “new ARKHAM GAME coming soon, not ARKHAM ORIGINS coming this fall”. He has since deleted the tweet.

Batman: Arkham Origins is released worldwide on 25 October for PS3, X-Box 360, Wii-U and PC.