Apr 04 2013

Geoff Johns debuts new Zatanna costume for Justice League

Zatanna - Justice League #22 (Geoff Johns)

Who needs pants when you have fishnets? A few hours ago, Geoff Johns announced that Zatanna would be making a welcome return in her (almost) classic costume in Justice League #22, eschewing any pants policy (remember Wonder Woman?) that may or may not exist at DC Comics.

As many pundits have already pointed out, this is somewhat at odds with the more conservative costumes for women that have graced everyone from Wonder Woman to Marvel’s Captain Marvel, and seems to be part of a campaign to “re-objectify” women in comics. After all, Power Girl’s classic so-called “boob window” costume has been confirmed to return in future DC Comics, ensuring that lovers of pencilled cleavage can sleep easy at night once more. A full image can be found below.

This afternoon, Johns tweeted the following out from his account:

Justice League #22 is due out on shelves in July 2013. We should see the full solicitations next week with any luck.

Zatanna - Justice League #22 (Geoff Johns

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