Aug 30 2013

Gestalt announces ‘Broken Line #1’ from Andrew Constant and Emily Smith

Broken Line (Gestalt)

Gestalt Comics have just announced a brand new book from Australian writer Andrew Constant and artist Emily Smith called Broken Line. It will be available through Comixology and other digital vendors “soon”.

The recently launched Facebook page for the book is scant on details, but contains the intriguing tagline “The Land Never Ends, The Screams Never Stop”. It’s no surprise that there is a horror/thriller element to the book, especially given the involvement of Constant. The publisher has also had recent successes with horror titles Changing Ways from Justin Randall, and the upcoming release of the classic The Undertaker Morton Stone collection.

Constant’s previous work for the publisher, Torn, came out in 2011 and told the tale of a wolf infected by the pangs of humanity. With that book, he paired his writing with DC Comics legend Nicola Scott (Earth-2, Birds of Prey) and Joh James (12 Gauge Studios’ I.C.E), in what Greg Rucka described as a “mesmerizing, hypnotic and frankly disturbing tale.”

Emily Smith was last seen on Unmasked #2 from writer Christian Read. She was also spotlighted in the recent ABC documentary Comic Book Heroes, about the growth of Gestalt and its push into the international market. Letterer Nic J. Shaw will also be on the project, describing himself on social media as getting to “arrange Andrew Constant’s dialogue and cover up Emily K. Smith’s wonderful art.”

A preview of Broken Line‘s cover can be found below, with the first issue’s release date expected to be announced soon from the publisher.

Broken Line (Gestalt)