Apr 16 2013

Gestalt’s Changing Ways to receive French language hardcover

Changing Ways Book 1 French Edition Cover Art

Our friends at Gestalt are pleased to announce that the first volume of Perth-based author and illustrator Justin Randall’s Changing Ways is getting a French hardcover edition in May.

You might also recall that Randall’s Changing Ways: Book 2 has been nominated for an Aurealis Award this year, for the category Best Illustrated/Graphic Novel.

It is terrific to see local talent receive international attention in this way, although Randall in no stranger to international success. He’s previously worked with IDW and Image, and has earned acclaim for his art on 30 Days of Night: Eben & StellaSilent Hill and contributions to anthologies such as Popbot24SevenCharacter Sketches and Flinch.

Here’s the official press and French edition cover art:

Justin Randall‘s award-winning Changing Ways: Book 1 receives a hardcover French language edition next month, to be published by Editions Delcourt, one of the premier Bandes-dessinée publishers in France.

Thierry Mornet, Editor-in-Chief at Delcourt, was impressed by Randall’s work from the advance pages of Changing Ways he viewed in a Gestalt catalogue at San Diego Comic-Con in 2009.

“I selected Changing Ways very early on to be part of our catalog because of the wonderfully rendered creepy atmosphere brought by Justin through his art, characterization and storytelling,” he said.

“I only aim at selecting what I consider the best stories in various genres. And when it comes to frightening ambiences which really crawl under your skin,Changing Ways totally delivers.”

Writer/Artist Randall is pleased by this opportunity to find a new audience with the French language edition.  “The French release of Changing Ways is a monumental event for me,” he said. ” I’m absolutely thrilled about sharing my dark, little mystery with new readers.”

The official release date for the French edition of Changing Ways Tome 1: Mutation is 8th May 2013.

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Changing Ways Book 1 French Edition Cover Art