Graphic 2015: Sydney festival features Kevin Smith, Nicola Scott, George Miller, Sequart and more!

Graphic 2015 (Sydney Opera House)

GRAPHIC is returning to Sydney for another year, following their stellar 2013 season, with  a weekend of graphic storytelling, animation and music at the Sydney Opera House on 10 and 11 October.  This year they are headlining the event  with a special night with filmmaker and comics writer KEVIN SMITH, discussing his superhero multiverse.

Smith, whose films have been infused with comic book references since his debut in 1994 with Clerks, promises an evening that delves into his love of comics, expressed in his work on Green Arrow, Batman and Daredevil. “Kevin Smith’s Superhero Multiverse will give fans a new insight into one of comics’ greatest outsiders and raconteurs, followed by a Q&A with his Silent Bob sidekick Jason Mewes.” This will be a prelude to the festival, playing at the Opera House on 28 September.

Fresh off the back of the groundbreaking Mad Max: Fury Road, based on the 3,500 graphic novel style storyboard panels that served as the film’s script and blueprint, the legendary GEORGE MILLER will join co-writer & illustrator BRENDAN MCCARTHY and co-writer and dramaturge NICO LATHOURIS to take fans through the process of the film.

Musically speaking, Australia’s own SARAH BLASKO will debut her new album Eternal Return alongside commissioned visuals by Mike Daly, with Icelandic composer-pianist ÓLAFUR ARNALDS will lead a 13-piece orchestra with visuals by MÁNI SIGFÚSSON.

Back to comics, our favourite repeat guest of Panels, NICOLA SCOTT (Birds Of Prey, Secret Six, Earth 2), will give a free talk, and undoubtedly have something to say about her new book with Greg Rucka, Black Magick.

There’s also a selection of films being screened, including the Australian premiere of FUTURE SHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000 AD, about the company that publisher Judge Dredd, and Sequart’s excellent films SHE MAKES COMICS, about women in the comics industry, and WARREN ELLIS: CAPTURED GHOSTS.

Tickets go onsale 9am, Fri 14 Aug. More talks, free films & tickets can be found at the official site: