Jun 25 2013

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder take over Action Comics in November

Superman #20 - Aaron Kuder

USA Today has revealed that Batman/Superman writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder will be taking over Action Comics from issue #25 in November.

The book has had a troubled history since its relaunch in the New 52. After Grant Morrison‘s initial run, fans were surprised to learn of the early departure of Andy Diggle from the title. Artist Tony S. Daniel finished that run, but now it seems as though someone more permanent is coming on board.

Speaking with the source, Pak hinted at the direction of the book:

“The book is called Action. So we want to have big action. And it’s Superman! Superman’s gotta do crazy, huge things. At the same time, every step of the way in order for me to care and you to care, whatever Superman is going through has to resonate on that emotional level.”

Kuder has also recently worked on the Superman title, including an upcoming Parasite issue for the Forever Evil villains month.

“I am a huge fan of Greg’s work and, as a person, he’s a super nice guy. I mean, come on, it’s freaking Superman!”

The cosmic ballet continues!