Jun 11 2013

Highlights from DC Comics and Vertigo September 2013 Solicitations

DC Comics Forever Evil

We’ve already seen a number of these announcements already, but here’s what you might need to check out from the DC Comics September solicitations.

Forever Evil

The 7-issue series kicks off this gimmick month (see below), and it will be written by Geoff Johns with art from David Finch and Richard Friend. It rather dramatically announces that “The Justice League is DEAD! And the villains shall INHERIT the Earth! An epic tale of the world’s greatest super-villains starts here!” Yes, the Justice League is so dead, they only have 8 comics out in September.

More Points than your can point a pointy thing at

Already discussed on this site in detail, the Forever Evil month of villains will see the bad guys taking over the main titles for month, and they are brining friends. The .1 issues don’t quite make up 52, even with four issues apiece for titles like Justice LeagueJustice League of America, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Superman and Action Comics. Hell, even Aquaman gets two issues. So someone is missing out in September. The good thing is that folks don’t have to buy an individual issue, plus the point issues. Completists of the series listed here will have an inflated bill that month. For example, if you collect Batman and don’t want to miss any issues, at $3.99 an issue it’s $15.96 this month instead of drawing the line at $2.99. Nobody is forcing you to buy them, of course, but what self-respecting collector would miss the chance to get a 3D motion cover? You can preview some of those covers right here.

Batman: Black and White

We’ve covered this one already. Creators on this reboot of the anthology series include Neal Adams, Joe Quinones, Maris Wicks, John Arcudi, Howard Mackie, Sean Murphy, Chris Samnee and Michael Cho. Batman fans don’t have a lot to complain about with their corner (or is that quarter?) of the Newish 50-or-so, and the previous 3 volumes read like a who’s who of comic book creators. The people attached to this book are some of the the biggest names right now, and we can’t wait to see more of this closer to September. Sean Murphy and Chris Samnee drawing Batman? Sign us up right now.

Fairest In All the Land

A bit of a cheat, as it doesn’t come out until November. It is solicited for advanced order in September though, and it’s the first graphic novel based on Fables spin-off Fairest. It’s going to be written by Bill Willingham with art from the likes of Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, Adam Hughes, Renae De Liz , Fiona Meng and more! You won’t want to miss this one.

Fairest In All the Land Cover