Jun 17 2013

Mark Millar receives MBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Mark Millar - Photo by Luigi Novi

Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar has been awarded an MBE by the Crown for “services to literature and drama”. He’s best known for his work on The Authority, The Ultimates, Civil War and Kick-Ass.

Speaking with the The Herald Scotland, Millar commented:

“These kind of honours you usually see going to other people, so its nice. I got an honorary doctorate last year so I am starting to feel very respectable. I want my kids to write MBE on my father’s day card…

[T]he thing of being a writer is that you should always be on the outside but I suppose these honours are how the establishment tries to embrace everyone.”

It’s said that Millar began his career after meeting Alan Moore at a signing during the 1980s. Like most writers from his end of the world, some of his early writing can be found in the pages of 2000 AD. His break came when he took over The Authority at DC/Wildstorm from Warren Ellis. After parting ways with DC, his Superman: Red Son was printed and he began a career at Marvel that would include The Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men and Civil War.

In 2004, he launched the creator-owned Millarworld imprint, under which titles such as American Jesus, Nemesis, Kick-Ass and Wanted were released by various publishers. The latter two were made into major Hollywood films. He has also released a British anthology magazine CLiNT, and oversees Fox’s Marvel cinematic properties. Millar’s current series include Jupiter’s Legacy and Kick-Ass 3, a sequel to his most popular creator-owned of franchises.

Last year, fellow Scot and sometime collaborator Grant Morrison received the same honour.

Mark Millar – Photo by Luigi Novi

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