Nov 01 2013

Mark Waid says goodbye to Matt Murdoch in ‘Daredevil: Road Warrior’ digital comic

Daredevil: Road Warrior (Marvel)

Despite the news last week that Mark Waid would finish his award-winning run on Daredevil with artists Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez in early 2014 with issue #36, Marvel has confirmed in an interview with Waid that he will continue his story in the digital realm – at least for a little while.

Waid teams with artist Peter Krause to take Matt Murdock on a brand new journey full of adventure, excitement, and more than a few dangers! Launching the week after Daredevil #36, the final issue of Waid’s and artist Chris Samnee’s award-winning series – Daredevil: Road Warrior finds the Man Without Fear beginning his coast-to-coast journey from the Big Apple to sunny California!

“Matt’s beginning a whole new chapter in his life following the events of Daredevil #36, and he’s excited but apprehensive at the same time,” Waid said in the interview. “You can be a Man Without Fear and still be a little worried about where the next paycheck is coming from. Daredevil: Road Warrior is a coast-to-coast adventure/chase with thrills aplenty.”

Waid adds: “Up until now, every time we’ve taken Matt out of New York, it’s been in service of awful, awful things. This feels more like the beginning of a grand journey. Which does not discount the eventuality of awful, awful things, of course; no one wants to read a Daredevil story where everything goes smoothly for him.”

Daredevil: Road Warrior will launch digitally from February in the week following Daredevil #36.

Daredevil: Road Warrior (Marvel)