Jun 04 2013

Marvel announces Luke Cage’s Mighty for September 2013

Marvel - Mighty

Marvel has sent out another cryptic image this morning, teasing their new series coming up in September.  Using the image below with the Marvel AR app, it has been revealed that this is a Luke Cage series. The other five members of his team will come online throughout the week.

In the AR video, Marvel Executive editor Tom Brevoort said: “While he’s now retired from being an active Avenger because of the need to raise his daughter in a safer environment, the call to arms and the catastrophe that is ‘Infinity’ forces him to get back up off the bench and pull together a bunch of other characters, a bunch of other heroes in the absence of the Avengers to be the Avengers when no one else can, and Luke’s the one character who’s got the gravitas and the wherewithal to be able to make this happen”.

From the battlefields of Infinity comes a new team to protect Earth!  With the Avengers light-years away in space, contending with the Builders, and Thanos’ marauders ransacking the Earth, doing as they please – who will stand in defense of mankind?

Marvel - Mighty

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  1. MrFreezeRhino

    I definetely see Quicksilver, Doctor Strange, and SpOck being part of the team.

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