Nov 05 2013

Marvel hints at ‘Resurrection’ for Brian Wood and Kris Anka in February 2014

RESURRECTION (Marvel) - Brian Wood and Kris Anka

Marvel is just a big tease, this time releasing a single image for a new title coming in February 2014 from Brian Wood and artist Kris Anka. Simply labelled “Resurrection“, let the speculation commence as to what it could be. Or we could wait a few more days for the inevitable announcement.

This comes out as part of the All-New Marvel NOW!, which is set to radically alter the landscape of titles in 2014. Back in mid-October, Marvel announced around 20 new titles that will be released between January and April next year, and it looks as though we can make that 21. At least now the All-New Marvel NOW! can legally drink in the United States.

Now to ponder who has died recently, and is likely to come back in the near future.

RESURRECTION (Marvel) - Brian Wood and Kris Anka