Sep 10 2013

Marvel moves ‘Ant-Man’ release forward to July 2015!

Marvel Studios - Ant-Man (2015) film

Although production hasn’t even begun on the film, Marvel Studios has pushed Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film forward to 31 July 2015. It was originally slated for a 6 November 2015 from Disney, but that would have put it directly up against the next James Bond film from Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig. The film will now kick off Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe immediately after the second phase ends.

The new date will place towards the end of a mammoth summer block, and a mere two months after the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. While there is some danger of that film overshadowing it’s diminutive brethren, it might also work in Ant-Man’s favour, allowing a character that few mainstream audience have heard of to ride on the coattails of what will undoubtedly be a massive blockbuster.

2015 will now becoming the greatest geek “summer” (winter in Australia) ever, with the Avengers sequel, Ant-Man, Star Wars: Episode VII, Terminator 5 and the untiled Batman/Superman from Warner

Ant-Man will be directed by Edgar Wright, from a script co-written by Wright and Joe Cornish. No casting has been announced, but with the new release date we fully expect to start hearing some more details soon.