Jul 06 2015

Marvel places smallest hero on Australia’s big things for ‘Ant-Man’ promo

Ant-Man - Big Things - The Big Banana

It was inevitable. Australian marketing for ANT-MAN has already seen some very tiny billboards going up around the country, and now they are going slightly bigger.

Taking advantage of the local running joke around Australia’s big things, a series of novelty roadside attractions that are essentially tourist traps,  they have used the same theme as the recent run of Avengers posters to place the diminutive hero against the monuments.

So far they have used The Big Lobster in Kingson SE (South Australia), the Giant Koala at Dadswells Bridge (Victoria) and of course, the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour (New South Wales). It’s only a matter of time before Scott Lang finds his way to The Big Pineapple at Nambour or The Big Merino at Goulburn.

UPDATE: They did the Pineapple, along with The Giant Prawn and The Big Marlin (Cairns).

ANT-MAN is due for release on 16 July 2015 from Disney in Australia, on full-sized Giant Man sized screens.

Ant-Man - Big Things - "Larry", the Big Lobster Ant-Man - Big Things - The Big Banana Ant-Man - Big Things - The Giant Koala


Ant-Man - Big Things - The Big Marlin (Cairns) Ant-Man - Big Things - The Big Pineapple (Woombye) Ant-Man - Big Things - The Big Prawn (Ballina)