May 10 2013

Marvel reveals Joe Quesada’s Angela for Age of Ultron

Angela - Age of Ultron - Joe Quesada

Not too long ago, it was announced that Marvel’s current “event” Age of Ultron #10 would have the controversial appearance of Neil Gaiman’s Angela, in an issue co-written by the prolific author and series writer Brian Michael Bendis. It was an odd move considering the recent legal wrangling between Todd MacFarlane and Gaiman over the rights to the character, who first appeared in MacFarlane’s Spawn in 1993. Now Marvel (via EW.com) has revealed a first look at the Joe Quesada redesign of the character.

Resolved last year, the character will make her debut in the series finale of Age of Ultron, a series that is currently bending time and space in the Marvel universe. The character is a bounty hunter on a mission from god, and it is yet to be seen how she will integrate into the Marvel 616. Gaiman is also co-writing an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy that, according to the source, “will further weave Angela into the Marvel mainstream, where she will carry on as a story citizen after spending recent years in publishing purgatory”.

Age of Ultron #10 is due out 26 June 2013 from Marvel.

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Angela - Age of Ultron - Joe Quesada