Aug 23 2013

Navid Negahban Joins ‘Arrow’ Season 2 in villain role

Navid Negahban

E! News reports that Homeland‘s Navid Negahban will guest star in Arrow‘s second season as “the villainous Al-Owal”. The name, which translates as “The First”, may not mean a lot to fans, but his affiliations just might.

Set to be seen in the fifth episode titled “The Demon’s Head”, comics readers will know that this is the translation from Arabic of Ra’s al Ghul. It will also be revealed that he is a member of the League of Shadows, the same people who trained Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) in his attempt to bring down Star City as part of The Undertaking.

It now seems entirely possible that the DC Comics universe will be expanding even more on screen, with Black Canary, Roy Harper, The Flash and Birds of Prey‘s Sin already confirmed for the show’s second season. Could this mean an appearance from Ra’s al Ghul? Or is Negahban going to be revealed as the villain in a clever bluff?

Arrow returns to The CW on 9 October 2013.