Jul 02 2013

New featurette for ‘The Wolverine’ reveals new footage and story details

The Wolverine

Digital Spy has revealed a new featurette that gets into the nuts and bolts of The Wolverine, the next chapter in Fox’s successful X-Men film franchise from director James Mangold.

Starring Hugh Jackman as Logan, the featurette establishes that the film is set after X-Men: The Last Stand, and also reminds us that X-Men: The Last Stand existed. It speaks about Wolverine as a ronin, and what it means to be a wandering samurai. “He has lost hope”, explains Jackman “and it’s a dangerous place for someone as powerful as Wolverine.”

It’s encouraging to see that this film is more story driven, taking loose inspiration from the Frank Miller and Chris Claremont books as well.

The Wolverine is released in Australia on 25 July 2013 from Fox.