Aug 09 2013

Preview: Dark Horse trailer for ‘The Star Wars’ mini-series

The Star Wars (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse had previously announced that they would be producing The Star Wars, an 8-issue mini-series based on George Lucas’s original draft and treatment of what would eventually become Star Wars, and the set of films we’ve come to know and alternative love/despise over the years. Now thanks to USA Today, we get a trailer for that series, along with several preview pages below.

Adapted by J.W. Rinzler from the original Lucas draft, it will feature art from Mike Mayhew. A suitless Darth Vader and Annikin Starkiller were separate people, Luke Skywalker was a significantly older Jedi General and Han Solo was an alien. It should make for a fascinating “what if?”.

The Star Wars hits shelves in September 2013.

The Star Wars Exclusive Preview