Dec 10 2013

Preview: Marvel’s ‘Revolutionary War: Alpha’ #1

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: ALPHA #1 (Marvel)It’s the return of Marvel UK! originally founded in 1972 as an imprint of the Marvel mothership, it eventually produced original material from people you may have heard like Alan Moore, John Wagner, Dave Gibbons,Steve Dillon and Grant Morrison. Of course, it was the UK exclusive Captain Britain Weekly from Chris Claremont that the imprint became most famous for, and it’s that character who returns in the forthcoming Revolutionary War: Alpha #1.

Take it away, Marvel press release:

In 2014, Marvel readers should prepare for the next British Invasion. Starting in January, cult favorite Marvel UK characters return for an 8-issue limited series kicking off in REVOLUTIONARY WAR: ALPHA #1! Today, Marvel is excited to present your first look at that exciting first issue from blockbuster creative team of writers Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill and artist Richard Elson!

Long ago, Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Motormouth and the pantheon of Marvel UK Heroes believed they had defeated the shadowy Mys-Tech organization in one Earth-shattering climactic battle. But they were wrong. Mys-Tech has returned, and their presence threatens not only the world – but the entire universe!

Now, Marvel UK’s greatest heroes must band together for the first time in 20 years to stop a long forgotten enemy.  But are they too late? The battle begins this January in Revolutionary War: Alpha #1 and continues one week later Revolutionary War: Dark Angel #1 and various one-shots on-sale through February and March!

Revolutionary War: Alpha #1 is released on 8 January 2014 from Marvel. Revolutionary War: Dark Angel #1 is released one week later on 15 January 2014.