Aug 08 2013

SMASH! 2013: Schedule for Sydney Manga and Anime Show this weekend

SMASH 2013 events

SMASH! returns for another year this weekend, bringing colour back into Sydney’s grey winter on 10 August  2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (Darling Harbour). The full schedule for the event is below. If you are a cosplayer, be sure to look for us running around with a camera: we want to talk to you!

Of the expected 6,500 attendees to come through the doors at this year’s convention, people can get involved in anything from the regular cosplay events and cosplay parades through to an academic panel on the Evolution of Cats in Japanese culture.

Gamers can enjoy Card Game Tournaments or the Bushiroad Card Games Workshop, or you can get started on building something in the Beginners HobbyCo Gundam Workshop (there’s an Advanced one for the adventurous).

Artists can study Cosplay Life Drawing or try their luck in several competitions, and a Fanfiction Competition ensure writers can be involved too. Artists come in all shapes and sizes, so maybe you feel confident enough to compete in some Karaoke?

Of course, the main attraction will always be the cosplay. Guests can come dressed as their favourite characters, or compete in the Cosplay Battle Royale or go for gold in the Madman Cosplay Competition, where JAL will send you on a return trip to Japan if you win! Improve your chances for next year by visiting the Cosplay Panels that tackle everything from armour making to special effects makeup and photography.

Presale tickets are now over, but you can still get them on the door this Saturday! Check out the full schedule below.

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SMASH 2013 schedule