May 31 2013

Stalag X promotional teaser trailer online ahead of Denver launch

Stalag-X #1 - Denver Comic-Con

Australia’s Gestalt Comics is set to launch a new series by Kevin J. Anderson at the Denver Comic-Con on 2 June 2013. From today, a convention exclusive version is available for free to all attendees!

At the launch over the weekend, Anderson and partner/TV & Film writer/producer Steven L. Sears, the pair will discuss the book, show some sneak peeks and unveil a trailer for the series. A snippet of that trailer can be found below.

Originally announced back in March, the series will be illustrated by Mike Ratera, the book follows the aftermath of a devastating interstellar war with an alien race. One prisoner — known only as “Joe Human” — is taken to a harsh P.O.W. camp that is controlled by a sadistic alien the captives refer to as “Mengele.”  Like his namesake, Mengele performs horrific experiments on humans to better understand their nature — ‘Know your enemy’ is the dictum under which he operates, even if it means examining them slice by slice.

Stalag-X #1 is available for digital download from 1 June 2013.

Stalag-X #1 - Denver Comic-Con