Steve Horton and Ryan Cody to get ‘Monstrous’ for Dark Horse

Monstrous (Dark Horse) - Steve Horton and Ryan Cody

If you are like us, then you loved Amala’s Blade by Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas, released by Dark Horse earlier this year. While Dialynas is about to start a run of Spider-man books for Marvel, Horton is plugging (via a brand new Facebook page) his next creator-owned work, Monstrous.

Working this time with artist Ryan Cody, the story will appear in the Eisner Award-winning anthology Dark Horse Presents #30-32 from November 2013. In the brief description on the Facebook page, the scene is set for the story, describing a scenario in which the monster invasion has already happened, and almost all of humanity is dead. But a freak accident has left one human alive … in the body of his killer. The story’s about what he chooses to do next.

The protagonist, Richard Cooke, is described as running creature shop in Hollywood and “is on the verge of forced retirement due to his insistence on practical effects in the days of CGI. That’s when the monsters invade”.

Horton has shown that he is a master of blending genres in Amala’s Blade,a title that we have named one of the best of the year so far. Cody is perhaps best known for his Doc Unknown books with Fabian Rangel Jr., and the critically acclaimed graphic novel Villains.

Check out some of the artwork from this highly anticipated project below, which already looks terrific. Be sure to and like their Facebook page as well (and ours too while you’re at it…).

Monstrous (Dark Horse) - Steve Horton and Ryan Cody Monstrous (Dark Horse) - Steve Horton and Ryan Cody Monstrous (Dark Horse) - Steve Horton and Ryan Cody