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Aug 17 2013

The History of Green Arrow Part 2 – Hard Travelling Through the Wilderness Years (1970 to 1979)

Green Arrow is now the star of a major TV show in the US now, shifting what was once a second-string character to the forefront of the public’s imagination. Yet he wasn’t always a star player, often taking a supporting role to other characters, or simply being unfavourably compared with a certain Dark Knight. When we …

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Jul 09 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 64 – Supanova 2013

In this issue, Richard and David go to Supanova 2013 in Sydney. Come and meet Tom Taylor, Tristan Jones, Paul Bedford, Nicola Scott, Chris Claremont, Alex Saviuk and many more of the colourful characters and vendors that make up Supanova, the pop culture expo. Recorded live on the floor of the expo. On our next …

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Jun 23 2013

Supanova 2013: Sydney cosplay photos and more

Supanova rolled around this weekend in Sydney, bringing thousands of fans, cosplayers and other punters to line the curved walls of The Dome at Olympic Park in Sydney. In addition to the dozens of folks in costumes we snapped, we also met with some of the artists, writers and other creators in the house. We’ll …

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Jun 19 2013

Supanova 2013 Sydney and Perth event guides

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, and that includes both of you, then you’ll know Richard and David will be at Supanova Sydney this coming weekend. Now Supanova has released the event guides for both Sydney and Perth,  for 21-23 and 28-30 June respectively. Guests include the likes of Margot Kidder, Karl Urban, David …

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