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May 14 2015

Fox announces X-men spin-off ‘The New Mutants’ from director Josh Boone

Deadline has revealed that Fox has signed a deal with John Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) to co-write and direct THE NEW MUTANTS, a spin-off from the successful X-Men franchise. Boone will co-write with Knate Gwaltney. Series regular Simon Kinberg will return to produce with franchise founder Lauren Shuler Donner. “We’re so excited to explore …

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Aug 16 2013

Highlights from Marvel November 2013 solicitations – Amazing X-Men, X-Men Gold and the end of Avengers Arena

It’s time to start thinking about what Marvel books you’ll be buying in November! It’s the end of an era for several books, new starts for others and the return of some absolute legends: and we aren’t just talking about Longshot. These are the highlights from Marvel’s November 2013 solicitations. More X-Men books! There’s 11 …

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Jul 23 2013

List of 5: Wolverine comics you should read

First introduced in 1974 in the pages of The Incredible Hulk, he was introduced to the X-Men in the pages of Giant X-Men #1 in 1975, and soon became a staple of Chris Claremont‘s historic run that followed. Now the character is quite literally everywhere, occupying several of his own monthly titles, along with various X-Men and Avengers …

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Jul 21 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 65 – Claremont ’82: Wolverine/God Loves, Man Kills

In this issue, we report back on Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, and our chats with Bill Farmer and Phil Jimenez. THEN we bring you some extraordinary television news and look at the Harvey Award nominations. PLUS our Kick-Ass Picks of the Week: a Chris Claremont ’82 double of Wolverine with Frank Miller, and bonus book X-Men: God …

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Jul 19 2013

Film Review: The Wolverine

The Wolverine’s second solo adventure tips its hat to the comics, and focuses on character for mature action epic. He’s the best there is at what he does, which is probably why Wolverine remains one of Marvel’s most popular characters almost forty years after his introduction in the pages of The Incredible Hulk. One of …

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Jul 09 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 64 – Supanova 2013

In this issue, Richard and David go to Supanova 2013 in Sydney. Come and meet Tom Taylor, Tristan Jones, Paul Bedford, Nicola Scott, Chris Claremont, Alex Saviuk and many more of the colourful characters and vendors that make up Supanova, the pop culture expo. Recorded live on the floor of the expo. On our next …

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Jun 19 2013

Supanova 2013 Sydney and Perth event guides

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, and that includes both of you, then you’ll know Richard and David will be at Supanova Sydney this coming weekend. Now Supanova has released the event guides for both Sydney and Perth,  for 21-23 and 28-30 June respectively. Guests include the likes of Margot Kidder, Karl Urban, David …

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Jun 18 2013

Titan releasing Claremont and Bolton’s Marada the She-Wolf in November

Titan Books has announced that it will be collecting together the Chris Claremont and John Bolton Marada the She-Wolf stories in a single volume, full restored and remastered. A new trailer gives us a glimpse at the scrubbed-up artwork. Originally published for Epic illustrated in 1982, Marada is the descendant of Caesar. Preceeded by her legendary …

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Apr 12 2013

Behind The Panels One-Shot – The Chris Claremont Interview

This week, Richard and David had the opportunity to speak with the legendary Chris Claremont, perhaps best known for his unsurpassed 17 year continuous run on Uncanny X-Men. We discuss in detail the first 50 issues of this historic run, including The Phoenix/The Dark Phoenix Saga, The Proteus Saga, The Hellfire Club and the isses …

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Apr 11 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 53 – The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga/Dark Phoenix Saga/Days of Future Past

In this issue, we look at Dark Horse’s new adaption of the original Star Wars scripts and introduce our all-new compact news headlines segment. We tease our exclusive interview with the legendary Chris Claremont, before delving into our Kick-Ass Pick of the Week: the classic Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga/The Proteus Saga/Dark Phoenix Saga/Days of …

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Nov 20 2011

Behind The Panels (beta) Issue 4 – Batman Cacophony

Hosted By: David McVay & Richard Gray This week, we discuss the latest news from the world of comics including Chris Claremont donating his archives to Columbia University, Mark Millar defending Frank Miller, Marvel offering free digital versions of their upcoming Season One and The Ultimates comics, Batman Beyod going digital before print, The Dark …

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