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Jan 30 2015

Cover Story: Best Comic Book Covers of January 2015

Each month, hundreds of comics are released to stores for the hungry masses of fans around the world. To stand out on the shelves, you have to put the great art up front. You can judge a book by its cover.  Welcome back to our continuing monthly column. Last year was a huge year for comic book covers …

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Aug 25 2014

‘Action Comics #1’ sells for a record US $3,207,852.00, most expensive comic ever

A near-pristine copy of 1938’s Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s Superman, has sold for a record  US $3,207,852.00 on auction site eBay. This marks the first time that any comic has been sold for more than $3 million. Rated by the Comics Guaranty Corporation as a CGC 9.0, the …

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Aug 17 2013

The History of Green Arrow Part 2 – Hard Travelling Through the Wilderness Years (1970 to 1979)

Green Arrow is now the star of a major TV show in the US now, shifting what was once a second-string character to the forefront of the public’s imagination. Yet he wasn’t always a star player, often taking a supporting role to other characters, or simply being unfavourably compared with a certain Dark Knight. When we …

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Jul 04 2013

DC Comics announces new annuals for October 2013

It’s that time of the year. DC Comics Blog has revealed six new annuals for October, including first time annual treatment for the New 52’s Aquaman and Nightwing. The Green Lantern “Lights Out” crossover, kicking off that month, will conclude in the Green Lantern Annual #2. Full solicitations below. ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #2 Written by …

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Jun 25 2013

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder take over Action Comics in November

USA Today has revealed that Batman/Superman writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder will be taking over Action Comics from issue #25 in November. The book has had a troubled history since its relaunch in the New 52. After Grant Morrison‘s initial run, fans were surprised to learn of the early departure of Andy Diggle …

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Jun 09 2013

Graphic Bits Reviews: Action Comics #21, Age of Ultron #9, Green Arrow #21, Green Lantern #21 and The Movement #2

Don’t have time for full reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This week (5 June 2013) we check out what Superman is punching in Action Comics #21 (DC Comics), see what story Age of Ultron #9 (Marvel) …

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Jun 04 2013

DC’s Forever Evil month reveals more villains and covers

Yesterday, DC Comics announced that September would kick off the Forever Evil villain month, with a villain taking  over each of the main titles and a 7-issue mini-series to tie the event together. Yet it seems one villain taking over those titles is not enough, with at least the Bat-titles showing a .1 through .4 …

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Jun 03 2013

DC Comics launch Forever Evil villain month with 3D covers in September 2013

Buzzfeed spoke with DC Entertainment co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee this morning about their upcoming event for September 2013: Forever Evil. In addition to a 7-issue mini-series called Forever Evil, leading directly out of the Trinity War, all of the titles will be ‘taken over’ by a villain for the month. The special covers …

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Apr 06 2013

Graphic Bits: Action Comics #19, Age of Ultron #4, Detective Comics #19, Green Arrow #19 and Snapshot #3

Don’t have time for full reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This week (3 April 2013), Andy Diggle tackles Action Comics #19 (DC Comics), at least for one issue. The Age of Ultron #4 (Marvel) continues to destroy the …

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Nov 04 2012

Graphic Bits: A+X, Bedlam, Ghosts, Lot 13 and More!

COMICS REVIEWS: Also includes Action Comics Annual #1, Avenging Spider-man Annual #1, Fatale #9, Doctor Who #2, Happy #2 and more!

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Sep 07 2012

Graphic Bits: DC Zero Month, Harvest, Hawkeye, Road to Oz and more!

Comics reviews also include Green Lantern #0, Green Arrow #0, Damsels #1, Harvest #2, Fairest #7 and more!

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