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Jun 10 2014

Where to Start Reading: Guardians of the Galaxy

With the release of a major Marvel movie based on the Guardians of the Galaxy, mainstream audiences and even some comics fans had just one question on their lips: “Who?” A team called the Guardians of the Galaxy was first introduced back in 1969, billed as “Tomorrow’s Avengers” and hailing from the 31st century. They went …

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Mar 04 2014

Behind the Panels Issue 90 – Guardians of the Galaxy Origins: Annihilation Conquest Starlord

Welcome to issue 90 of Behind the Panels, the comic book show that’s so glad it brought this unfeasibly large cannon with us. In this issue, Rocket Raccoon gets his own series, DC jumps forward 5 years and Warren Ellis climbs some trees. THEN it’s Tomb Raider, Lois Lane, Fantastic Four and Revenge in what …

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