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Jun 05 2015

Graphic Bits Reviews: Batman Beyond #1, Bat-Mite #1, Bizarro #1, Justice League #41, Midnighter #1, and Omega Men #1 (New DC Universe Week 1)

  Don’t have time for long reviews of comics? Then check out these bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This is Graphic Bits. DC Comics kicked off its post-Convergence soft reboot with the DC YOU campaign this week, introducing the first of what will be 25 new titles …

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Feb 09 2015

Post-Convergence: DC’s ‘Prez’, ‘Section 8’, ‘Bat-Mite’ and ‘Omega Men’

Following last week’s announcement of 24 new series launching from DC Comics in June, following the Convergence event in the months leading up to it, there were a handful of titles that may have caused some quizzical reactions. Yet they may already be in some of your longboxes in some form or another. PREZ, SECTION 8, …

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Feb 07 2015

DC Comics announces 24 new titles, creators plus 25 continuing series post-‘Convergence’

DC Comics was always going to look very different following its universe combining Convergence event. Now they have announced that from 3 June 2015, the DC Comics line will consist of 24 new titles beginning from issue #1, along with 25 ongoing series that will continue their numbering. Some of these ongoing series will have …

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Mar 28 2014

Comics: Warner and DC Entertainment celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary

Last year marked the 75th anniversary of Superman, and 2014 means that it’s been three-quarters of a century since we first learned of Bruce Wayne’s unfortunate childhood, and questionable choice of nocturnal activities during his adulthood. To celebrate, Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced 75 Years of Batman, complete with a new logo. …

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