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Jan 30 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 46 – Punk Rock Jesus

In this huge, special week: DC gets dirty with their “Holy Shit” month, more Marvel NOW, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man form part of Marvel’s Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Y: The Last Man gets a director, Joss Whedon has almost finished writing The Avengers 2 and just when you thought we couldn’t pack …

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Jan 09 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 45 – Ant-Man Season One

It’s the first issue for the new year, so we’re pretty much doing what we did last year. Which means we look at Marvel’s Cosmic 2013, helping Peter David recover and a geeky proposal. THEN we look all the Guardians of the Galaxy casting rumours. PLUS our kicks-ass pick of the week, Ant-Man: Season One by Tom DeFalco and Horacio …

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