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Oct 07 2013

Local Focus: Milk Shadow Books launches ‘Da ‘n’ Dill’ and ‘Plump Oyster’ collections

Australian comics have come back into focus with the success of the ABC documentary Comic Book Heroes, highlighting local publishing house Gestalt Comics. While they seem to be determined to take over the world, another local outfit, Milk Shadow Books, simply “aims to publish the weirdest trips, strangest journeys, and assorted stories that make you …

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May 17 2013

Milk Shadow Books announce Da ‘n’ Dill – The Showbag Years

Australia’s Milk Shadow Books announced this morning that they have a new book in production, diving into the archives of Dillon Naylor’s Da ‘n’ Dill comics. Here’s what the official press says. Prior to the 1990s, a visit to a Show, Fete or Fair might result in a showbag and that would result in cheap novelties, …

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