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Mar 05 2014

Review: Headspace #1

A new digital comic takes a trip into a town that has a very unique frame of mind. The only question is: who owns the mind that’s framing it? It’s difficult to put Australian writer Ryan K. Lindsay in a box, such is the nature of his diverse portfolio. While international readers may know him from …

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Jul 10 2013

Marvel’s Infinite Comics releases ‘Iron Man: Fatal Frontier’ in October

‘Iron Man: Fatal Frontier’ will be a mobile specific story that ties directly into the continuity of the monthly book.

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Jul 05 2013

Review: Batman ’66 #1

Strap yourselves in, old chums. Batman goes retro and digital, and this is one Bat Channel you’ll want to tune into at the same time every week.

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Apr 10 2013

Digital gatekeepers: What the ban of Saga #12 means for comics

UPDATE: It has since been announced that it was not Apple that banned the issue, but rather Comixology strictly interpreting that policy. In a statement, David Steinberger, CEO of Comixology said: “We did not interpret the content in question as involving any particular sexual orientation, and frankly that would have been a completely irrelevant consideration …

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